Photo management application with builtin copyright and privacy

SensioPhoto application focuses on :

UI simplicity and great user experience

Connectivity with providers like Flickr and Lightroom

Viewing, editing and remixing digital media

Analyse the photography patterns and learn from it

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Did you know that today ...

> 1.2 Trillion

digital photos were taken in 2018. Estimated growth is 25% year.


of online communications are visual. We all love memes and video reviews. To keep enjoying shared creativity we need to respect the rights of every creative among us.


of digital content, distribution is managed by just a few companies. That gives them incredible power over every one of us.

6 out of 10

people don't know what happens with their copyright when photos they took are shared on social media.

> 80%

of photos lack metadata (it makes websites faster but there is no way to track the copyright).

~ 7 different software tools

photographers use to publish, manage and share their work.

Problems & Solutions

Managing your photo collections takes lots of effort

How many albums on how many platforms do you have? Ever felt the struggle of finding that one photo you took a couple years ago?

We connect different platforms

All your collections are linked together to create a simple and smooth workflow. When your make changes to a photo we have the edited version updated immediately on all your other platforms.

Sharing across multiple platforms is time-consuming

Uploading re-adjusted photos to multiple platforms all over again is not the best way to spend your time. Be creative, we will take care of the rest.

We provide a Unified Link to share your photo(s)

Instant sharing across a variety of supported platforms using the unified link. You decide who has the right to use your images where and for how long.

Photos are used without your permission

Most of the photos shared online lack metadata. Meaning, if someone shares your work, you get no credit.

We verify the creator of a digital asset

As soon as you went through the Sensio Copyright Flow, you can claim and prove that your photos are legally yours.


These are the photo services and software that you can connect and synchronise all your photos to one single place.

Lightroom Classic


Google Photos

Instagram && Facebook

Implementation roadmap

Why you should use SensioPhoto

Photo Management

SensioPhoto allows copyright holders to easily manage their assets across different social platforms and editing software. SensioPhoto acts as a one-stop-shop for managing and protecting the digital images with builtin copyright secured by SensioID.

Photo Privacy

All your digital assets are private by default. The multiple encryptions make certain that nobody else, including us, can access them. It's only up to you to decide what to share, with whom, and for how long.

Copyright Proofs

Once you go through the Sensio Copyright Flow you can claim the copyright on your verified photo. SensioID will permanently store the statement of your equipment ownership and photo copyright.


Introduction of the cryptographic keys for signing and encryption is just one step towards the users' data security and high system resilience.


Connect to your favourite photo service, sync them with SensioPhoto share and collaborate. Streamline your workflow from start to end.

Photo Unification

Keeping things in order saves you time. SensioPhoto will merge your photos and eliminate duplicates; minimising confusion while working with multiple connected services.

Unified Link

Unified link for every photo and video. You can share it publicly or with your friends and family in a matter of seconds. No need for downloads ever again.


You and your clients collaborate and comment. Put an end to misunderstanding and save time. All comments are synchronised across connected providers.


When-I-Die is a concept of fully transferring the ownerships and copyright after death. Let photos live on.

Bring Your Storage

Connect to your Amazon S3 or Google buckets, SensioPhoto will encrypt all the content the same way as you would use default storage.