Trust anchoring for all digital content

SensioNetwork system focuses on:

Ensuring that users own and control all their data

Creating the statements of ownership and copyright

Securing the data by Blockchain anchoring

Licensing and copyright transfer through smart contracts

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Digital Signatures

By using SensioNetwork content creators use digital signature to prove their ownership of a piece of content or another party's right to license it (a License Claim). Signatures provide cryptographic proof of who issued a claim. Every claim in SensioNetwork is signed by its issuer, which means a random user can't publish claims on behalf of another user. Combined with content hashing, digital signatures provide cryptographic proof of who said what, and what is the subject of the claim.

Core Features

Public Key Infrastructure

As a SensioNetwork user, you receive a unique cryptographic key-pair. Now you can use it to sign and encrypt your data. The public key fingerprint is unique to each user.


We make the process of gaining ownership simple and straightforward. If you prove that you own the real-world items, like cameras or lenses, you are eligible to claim your copyright of the corresponding digital assets.


Security and privacy are our number one priorities. Introduction of the cryptographic keys for signing and encryption is just one step towards the users' data security and high system resilience.

Keybase & YubiKey

By combining Keybase and industry-standard YubiKey hard key, we make sure that your data stays private and protected. Most of all, that you are YOU on the internet.

Self-Sovereign Identity

Whether you are an individual user or have a business account, you can store all your identity data on your own device(s). It will be shared with those who need its validation directly, without relying on a central repository of identity data.

Content Hashing

Cryptographic hashing functions provide the means to irrefutably identify content. The small size makes hashes a convenient and economical substitute for the file contents when all we care about is uniquely identifying the content.

Distributed Storage

Claims on SensioNetwork are recorded on a peer-to-peer distributed network. By leveraging this distributed storage model, the claims are always available and resilient to attacks which makes the removal of any record extremely difficult.

Blockchain Anchoring

We put the record on a public blockchain(s) that links the statement of ownership or copyright to the actual asset. This proof can be verified without reliance on a trusted third party.

Legally aproved

We work to establish a trusted entity compliant with all ISO standards. Once there we can issue the legally binding copyrights.


A timestamp proves that the data existed prior to a point in time. Before claiming any kind of ownership or copyright, the timestamp record must exist.