We Love Open Source

Our idea is to build a  platform that is transparent with trackable and provable ownership and copyrights. All the code that powers the future of Sensio Platform is open-sourced under  Apache 2.0 license. Below are the core packages that we built and will continue working on.

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Sensio Photo

Sensio Photo makes it easier for digital creatives to share their work and manage their assets across different social platforms and editing software. SensioPhoto acts as a one-stop-shop for managing and protecting the digital images with builtin copyright secured by SensioNetwork.

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Sensio Network

SensioID is building the verifiable web: the opensource software for verifying and transferring ownerships & copyright of digital media content. SensioID allows digital content creators to sign, permanently record, and timestamp statements about their ownership and copyright. Currently, ownership validation and workflows are available only for digital photographs and for the photo equipment.

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As the area of a human eye that gave it its name, this software is responsible for high-acuity vision, or in this case display, of an image on any platform. Sensio´s Makula creates a unified link for each photo that could be embedded and shared on any platform. With real-time image processing and image CDN Makula does creates the right rendition for each case in a blink of an eye.

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Lightroom Publish Plugin

Lightroom Classic Publishing service that connects directly to the SensioPhoto.

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