Hi, Sensio grew & rebranded 👉 Kelp.Digital 👈🎉 🙌

Ensure privacy. Secure creative rights. Improve connectivity.

Photo & video

SensioPhoto allows photographers to legally own the copyright, easily manage their content across different social platforms, email, websites and editing software.

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Either you write a blog-post, publish your photos or share your sketches, your content should be equally protected online. You create it, you claim the ownership. ‍

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SensioNetwork simplifies the process of publishing, licensing and copyright of digital assets. We make it easier for digital creatives to protect their work and intellectual property.

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P2P marketplace

P2P stands for "people to people". It is a new kind of photo marketplace which relies on the Sensio.ID copyright and ownership feature.

Sell your photos directly from Sensio.Photo

Transfer provable ownerships

Get paid in real money or cryptocurrencies

Streamline your workflow from editing to publishing and selling

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... the rules of the digital creative market need to be transparent, the concept of privacy and the rights of the creator should be in the system’s core. Sensio is aiming to establish just that: the trustworthy, open and friendly environment for the creation and sharing of digital assets.